Intervaarium Requisites

Constitution (in Estonian)
A Copy of The Registry card
(List of owners and management, in Estonian.)
Registration Number 80341809
Aaddress Sihi 111 (Kaare 2), Tallinn, 11618, Estonia
Contact, +372-5-515-537
Please use the e-mail, unless You have scheduled a phone call.

Currently this non-profit does not have a bank account,
but it'll probably have a bank account by the summor of 2020.
This non-profit got thrown out of the Nordea bank
for whatever reason. The official excuse was that
there were _too_few_ transactions.

What regards to the European Union wide taxation of electronic services,
then according to the definitions by the European Commission(archive)
remote software development services do not qualify as an electronic services,
because their delivery is not automated, their delivery involves exhaustive human intervention.