Links to Third Parties that Might Interest Intervaarium Clients

To help the visitors of the Intervaarium home page to find a suitable solution or a business partner, the following list of possible Intervaarium competitors and related service providers is provided. The list has been assembled in accordance with the subjective taste of Martin Vahi and it aims to contain only the strongest providers.

(What qualifies as strength, is, of course, a subjective matter. For example, a technically very strong team might work within the boundaries of an unfavorable legal situation and get disqualified from that list for that reason alone. For instance, there is no point of listing individuals, who have an active non-compete agreement with their employer.)

The listed individuals and legal entities, might be, but usually are not, related to the members of the Intervaarium.
Community Tools software
Märt Tibar with a legal entity Pretical OÜ
Taavi Hein and Indrek Rebane offer hardware development services
The home page of the Intervaarium is hosted by Elkdata OÜ
An European
virtual machine renting company:
Only for people, who have an IT background: concrete5, Zenario