Welcome to the home page of Intervaarium, a Non-profit Legal Entity!

The main purpose of the non-profit legal entity, the Intervaarium, is to develop open source software components and tools that allow small software teams to develop special purpose software with a budget that is accessible to small businesses.

That type of software development differs from classical enterprise software development by always preferring automation to manual labour, keeping development road map options open by placing considerable emphasis on the execution speed and universality of the created software components, taking great effort to minimize flaws, because there are almost no resources available for warranty repairs. (A side effect of that kind of an approach is slow reaction time, despite the great average savings in development time.)

To increase the longevity of the created software infrastructure, the number of technology layers is minimized and closed source libraries are never used.

The secondary objective of the Intervaarium is to study possible use cases of communities that tend to be ignored by the mainstream software industry. The hope is to find new niche markets for software.

The tertiary objective of the Intervaarium is to popularize a belief that a fast and reliable applications software is significantly more practical than a slow and unreliable applications software.



price level of
custom projects is:
70 €/h
(price comparison)